Freelance in Tokyo - How To Build a Side-Hustle

Nishiogi Place, Ogikubo | Dec 22nd, 2018 @ 4pm
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Build Your Side-Hustle in Tokyo

This is the first ever Live Work Play Japan event, and it will be at the recently opened creative co-working space Nishiogi Place in Ogikubo!

This is not a lecture, this is a workshop.

Come along if you want to

  • do work you are proud of
  • have more time to follow your passions
  • earn more money per hour
  • and build career capital for your future in or out of Japan.
Charlie Moritz

Charlie Moritz

Live Work Play Japan | Founder

Your Facilitator

Hi everyone, I’m Charlie. I’ve been freelancing in Tokyo since early 2016 and self-sponsored my visa in September 2018 to continue to do work that I am excited and passionate about. So what am I doing now, and why should you listen to me?

  • I teach part-time on 4 days for just 8 teaching hours a week at a private high-school.
  • I work remotely for various corporate and SME clients as a web-designer, writer, video editor and social media marketing consultant.

Typical weekly hours: 16-20.

The rest of my time is open for me to have lunch with friends, work on my own side-projects and business ideas, or just relax at home.

Yet I can afford to go on holiday several times this year to Europe (and New Years in San Francisco), live in a nice apartment less than 15 minutes from Shibuya station and generally live life my way. How?

That’s what this workshop is for; I’ll show you exactly how you can take control of your schedule, square it with Japanese immigration authorities (even without a spouse or PR visa) and make more money working on your own terms.

Workshop Contents & Schedule

December 22nd 2018 from 4pm

We’ll talk about:

  • Why you would choose to freelance
  • What you want to (and have to) change
  • Defining your edges so you don’t end up an emotionally drained commodity
  • How to get started, including squaring it with immigration​
  • Deciding who and what your work is for.
4:00 PM
Arrive and Social Time

Get to the location and meet your fellow freelancers.

4:30 PM
Workshop Starts

An informative presentation will give way to group discussions talking about the freelancer mindset, strategic and tactical info to help you take action.

5:15 pm
Short Break

Bathroom break and time to chat (though maybe not at the same time).

5:25 pm
Workshop Continues

The most important things to know and develop in order to start making money in your freelance business.

6:10 Pm
Short Break

Another short break to give you time to process, and think of questions for the Q&A next.

6:20 Pm
Q&A and Moving Forward

Ask any questions, followed by networking time to connect with new friends and accountability partners.

6:50 Pm
Leave the Event Space

And maybe go for sushi afterwards!

This event is limited to 35 50 people!

I moved the location to the bigger room in Nishiogi Place as there are a LOT of people interested. Book your ticket on Peatix below to lock in your place, as I’m pretty sure they will all be gone soon.

I’m excited to see you there – book in advance to avoid disappointment! If there are spaces left we’ll sell tickets at the door, but if you don’t buy one in advance we can’t guarantee your space.

Advance Tickets = ¥1500

The Location

Nishiogi Place, Ogikubo

This recently opened co-working and creative space is the perfect place to host this kind of workshop. The owners have build an environment that is all about getting people to talk, to prototype and make their creative visions a reality. 

It’s a 10 minute walk from Ogikubo station on the Chuo, Chuo Sobu and Maranouchi Lines.


Address: 5 Chome, 5-26-20 Nishiogikita, Suginami-ku, Tōkyō-to 167-0042


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