Part 1: Beginnings

Charlie talks about reasons that pushed him to start.

The “Why” of starting a school in Japan.

Part 2: First Steps

Charlie goes over some of the first steps.

The “How” of starting a school in Japan.

Part 3 and More!

As the school project progresses, this video series will be updated.

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Starting a School in Japan Part 1: Beginnings

The Beginning of My Experience Starting a School in Japan

I’m Charlie, and with my friend Diego we are starting a school in Tokyo with the mission “To empower students to use their strengths to go out and make a positive impact in the world.”

I’m very excited to share my school project with you, and I want to start with this video explaining my reasons for wanting to start a school. Changing education for the modern world has been a passion of mine for a long time, and I really hope my school focussing on critical thinking rather than memorisation for standardised tests will make a real change in the world. My school is called The New Pioneer’s Academy, and we’re hoping to start classes in January.

While I’m not starting an 英会話 eikaiwa (English conversation school) or an international preschool, a lot of the thoughts and principles I put into this video series will be totally applicable to any kind of school you may want to start. If you have a strong motivation and a belief that you can make a real difference in your students’ lives, what is holding you back from starting? Is it money? Time? Self-doubt? If you focus on the “why” first, a lot of that other stuff just becomes an obstacle to dodge or hurdle.

Have you ever thought about starting a school? Tell us your “Why” in the comments below.

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