I’m excited to talk with Declan Somers from Seibo Japan NGO. Their charity has been helping to provide school meals for children in Malawi, but has had some struggles operating as an NGO in Japan.

We will talk about:

  • The reason why more than half of the population of Malawi are children and the unique problem this proposes.
  • The difficulty setting up an NPO in Japan.
  • Trust and teaching Japanese people about charity, especially after some bad press about charities set up to help after the Tohoku earthquake.
  • While trying to put in a donation, being met by policemen with handcuffs after being the victim of fraud.
  • The Warm Hearts Coffee Club that helps give the growers a great deal, and also provides tens of thousands of children with school meals.

BONUS Drinking Game: Take a drink every time Charlie says: “Wow!”

You can find out more about Seibo and the Warm Hearts Coffee Club at:

Seibo’s Website


Declan flying through space.

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