Building a startup as a foreigner in Japan challenges you to be maximally effective and always look for the 10x return.

Japan is a paradoxical place, where technology is very advanced in some areas, but completely behind the times in others. This is why there is so much room for startups to massively disrupt billion dollar (trillion yen) markets here. Jordan Fisher is one such entrepreneur, looking to disrupt the local services industry in Japan with his startup Zehitomo:

In this podcast, we’ll talk about:

  • Challenging assumptions about Japan from foreign perspectives
  • Getting the right team behind you so you can be maximally effective
  • Company culture and not having “language allergies” when working in mutli-cultural teams
  • Early on focusing on the most valuable “10x opportunities” and shelving trendy online marketing tools that don’t bring in as strong a return
  • Founder advice and Japanese as a requirement for building a company here.

You can find out more about Zehitomo on their website, and get in touch with Jordan on LinkedIn or by meeting him at the many events he speaks at in Tokyo.

Jordan Fisher at the Zehitomo space in Hanzomon

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