English teaching is just one option to come to Japan, but if you want to build a network and learn about sales and business, there are tons of options. Misha, my guest this week, has you covered.

In this podcast we’ll talk about:

  • The current state of cryptocurrency in Japan and abroad.
  • Unconventional paths to Japan like the Boston Career Forum and rejecting the JET Programme.
  • Taylor Pearson’s book “The End of Jobs” and adapting to the reality of the global marketplace (and your place in it).
  • Mischa’s article on Live Work Play Japan about getting top recruitment jobs.

Check out Misha’s fantastic newsletter, his new book Bullish on Bitcoin, and follow him on Quora to see why he has millions of views on their platform.

Here’s a link to my next event, “Finding Your Purpose” at The Hive in Jinnan, Shibuya on February 5th.


Misha is a blogger, writer, recruiter and entrepreneurial gent in Tokyo!

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