¥250,000 is the standard salary for an English teacher in Japan.

It’s not a lot of money, even less than even trainee teachers make in the UK, but in Japan this hasn’t changed in decades and recently has even started to trend down. Why is this still the standard? It’s because we allow it to be by accepting these jobs.

On this podcast I’ll talk about:

  • One of the most powerful mindset changes I have done: always take responsibility for my choices and the consequences of those choices
  • You don’t need to get stuck at ¥250k, because that too is a choice
  • We often don’t think about the long term consequences of short term impact decisions.
  • How to be happy and make choices that benefit your career in Japan
  • Write down what qualifications, experience and skills top paying jobs are looking for, and then start obtaining those proficiencies
  • Complaining gets you nowhere in Japan

Make a new choice and take control of your career in Japan. You are not the standard, so believe in yourself enough to demand more.

You always have choices

Photo credit: Qihong from Pexels

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